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A Winning Combination

Welcome Pickleball fans! Delaware Life is proud to be the presenting sponsor of DUPR — bringing retirement resources for whatever stage of the game you are in.

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Talk about a power couple

Delaware Life has teamed up with DUPR, the world's most accurate pickleball rating, to forge a connection between pickleball and our brand. Pickleball, one of the fastest-growing sports embraced by individuals of all ages, aligns closely with our customer base. Our partnership with DUPR enables us to engage with our customers and business partners at the grassroots level, underscoring our commitment to their passions.

At Delaware Life, we understand the pivotal role annuities play in a client's financial portfolio. That's why we offer annuities designed for growth and income that can last a lifetime. Just as pickleball enthusiasts plan their game strategy, we empower our customers to retire on their terms—both on and off the court.


Improving lives & communities

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    Committed to community service and transformation
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    Ongoing education and sports initiatives that create meaningful purpose
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    Strategic and impactful partnerships that shape lives and communities


Talented & high-performing teams

  • Together, we deliver outstanding products and services
  • We aim to nurture a highly engaged workplace
  • Our culture embodies a spirit of integrity, meritocracy, innovation, and diversity


You & the right financial fit

  • We recognize the significance of finding the right financial fit for each individual
  • Innovative and customizable financial solutions designed for a variety of needs
  • A passion for products that offer long-term growth and income potential
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We know ratings matter to you, so take a look at ours

* As of January 29, 2024
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Delaware Life

Delaware Life is an annuity company that empowers financial professionals with a wide array of customizable solutions. A subsidiary of Group 1001, we were born out of the advisor industry, and we understand how important it is to find the right fit for every client, every situation, and every individual need. We’re passionate about equipping you with annuities that give your customers peace of mind and a successful future—allowing them to plan with confidence for whatever’s next.

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DUPR (Dynamic Universal Pickleball Rating) is the premier global pickleball rating system and technology platform, trusted by the world's leading clubs, tournaments, leagues, and players. DUPR's dynamic rating system unifies pickleball across age, gender, and location by analyzing match results to accurately evaluate all players across a 2.000 - 8.000 scale.

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